Cardiology Scientific Program

Wednesday March 4, 2015

Time   Topic Presenter
09:00-16:00   Workshops (see program for individual workshops)  
19:00-20:30   Pfizer Symposium  

Thursday March 5, 2015

Time   Topic Presenter
Joint GHA/ESC Council on Hypertension
Co-Chairs: Dr Saad Alkandari – Dr Ahmed Almotarreb - Dr Fahad Alenezi
08:45   Hypertension in the Middle East: Should we be concerned - PURE Middle East data Dr Afzal Yusufali
09:00   The hypertensive heart Dr Giovanni De Simone
09:25   Hypertension in the young: how and when to treat? Dr Bryan Williams
09:50 Discussion  
10:15 Break  
Device use in electrophysiology
Co-Chairs: Dr Salem Alkaabi - Dr Adel Khalifa – Dr Maria Luisa Loricchio
10:30   Role of ICD in SCD prevention: an update in 2014 Dr David Hayes
10:50   Interesting cases from my EP lab Dr Ali Alsayegh
11:10   Catheter ablation for AF: ablation for all and what does the new 2014 guidelines say? Dr Peter Brady
11:30   CRT for heart failure: current practice and future Directions Dr David Hayes
11:50 Panel discussion  
12:05 Break  
12:25-13:25   Sanofi Symposium  
13:25-14:15 Lunch  
Highlights of regional studies
Co-Chairs: Dr Ahmed Al Qudaimi – Dr Jassim Alsuwaidi – Dr Mustafa Ridha
14:15   Gulf ICD: rationale, design and baseline data Dr Alawi Alsheikhali
14:30   Gulf CARE Dr Kadhim Sulaiman
14:45   Results of Gulf RACE-3Ps Dr Khalid Alhabib
15:00   EXCITE Study: Gulf Countries Data Dr. Said El Said
15:15 Panel discussion: where do we go from here? Dr Abdul Hai Alawadi, Mr. Samer Alhallaq, Dr Hisham Mahmoud, Dr Mohammad Zubaid
15:30-15:45 Break  
Heart failure in special populations
Co-Chairs: Dr Hussam Al Faleh – Dr Wael Almahmeed - Dr Feras Bader
15:45   Diabetes and heart failure: are there management specificities? Dr M Komajda
16:05   Challenges of managing acute heart failure Dr G Filippatos
16:25   Heart failure in the elderly: are there specificities? Dr M Komajda
16:45 Discussion  
17:15-17:45   Opening Ceremony  
18:00-19:00   Novartis Symposium  
19:30-20:30   Show  
20:30 Dinner  

Friday March 6, 2015

Time   Topic Presenter
Role and type of cardiac imaging in patient management
Co-Chairs: Dr Naheel Alnafisi – Dr Mohammad Alrasheedi – Dr A. Nasser Munibari
08:45   Viability Imaging: Is it still Viable? Dr Mouaz Al-Mallah
09:05   Hemodynamics by echo: Beyond the routine Dr Baha Fadel
09:25   Patient centered imaging: How to get the most out of cardiac imaging? Dr Kim Williams
09:55 Discussion  
10:15 Break  
Reperfusion strategies in STEMI
Co-Chairs: Dr Mousa Akbar - Dr Adel El etriby – Dr Reza Kiani
10:30   STREAM: New insights on reperfusion choices Dr Frans Van De Werf
10:50   Reperfusion strategies between Gulf COAST and REPERFUSE Kuwait Dr Mohammad Zubaid
11:10   Should the STEMI guidelines be updated? Dr Frans Van de Werf
11:30   Evidence-based reperfusion in STEMI: From meta-analysis to individual patients Dr David Kent
11:50 Discussion  
12:00 Lunch  
13:00-14:15   AstraZeneca Symposium  
Joint GHA/ACC session – Cardiology for the Internist
Co-Chairs: Dr Moudi Almutairi – Dr Bassam Bulbanat – Dr Nicolas Nousallem
14:30   How to manage a patient with AF in the emergency room and beyond? Dr Kousik Krishnan
14:50 Discussion  
14:55   How to handle a patient with mitral regurgitation in your outpatient clinic? Dr Clifford Kavinsky
15:15 Discussion  
15:20   How to manage a patient admitted to the ward because of syncope? Dr Kousik Krishnan
15:40 Discussion  
15:45   Your patient has aortic stenosis, when would you involve the cardiologist? Dr Clifford Kavinsky
16:05 Discussion  
16:10 Break  
Coronary and structural heart intervention
Co-Chairs: Dr Ibrahim Alrashdan – Dr Fahad Baslaib – Dr Ahmed Magdy
16:15   TAVI: Evidence-based indications and outcomes Dr Khalid Almarri
16:35   Evidence and indications for LAA closure devices Dr Faisal Al Samadi
16:55   Medical therapy vs coronary revascularization in stable CAD (Evidence-based) Dr Carlo Dimario
17:15 Discussion  
17:30 Break  
18:00-19:15   Algorithm Symposium  
20:00-21:00   Show  
21:00 Dinner  

Saturday March 7, 2015

Time   Topic Presenter
Joint GHA/ESC session – Practical review of recent published guidelines
Co-Chairs: Dr Roberto Cini – Dr Fausto Pinto – Dr Mustafa Ridha
08:45   Revascularization guidelines Dr Fernando Alfonso
09:05   Case presentation Dr Sadiq Addul
09:10   Dealing with the case guided by the guidelines Dr Fernando Alfonso
09:15 Discussion  
09:25   Preoperative assessment guidelines Dr Steen Dalby Kristensen
09:45   Case presentation Dr Yasser Bahnacy
09:50   Dealing with the case guided by the guidelines Dr Steen Dalby Kristensen
09:55 Discussion  
10:05   Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy guidelines Dr Perry Elliott
10:25   Case presentation Dr Mohammad Farouk
10:30   Dealing with the case guided by the guidelines Dr Perry Elliott
10:35 Discussion  
10:45-11:00 Break  
11:00-12:00   Amgen Symposium  
12:00-12:20 Break  
Keynote Speech
Co-Chairs: Dr Nasser Hayat – Dr Mohammad Sobhy – Dr DP Mikhailidis
12:20   What do Europeans think of the American prevention Guidelines: Are they applicable in daily practice Dr David Wood
12:50-13:00 Discussion  
Awards for winning posters and closing remarks
Co-Chairs: Dr Kahlid Almarri – Dr Fausto Pinto – Dr Mohammad Zubaid
13:05   Chair of the abstract committee Dr Khalid Almarri
13:10   Awards for winning posters  
13:20   Closing remarks Dr Mohammad Zubaid
14:00 Lunch  

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